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    New Recruit appreciates the importance of representing both clients  and recruits in a professional manner. We combine a number of  methods  to assist on each step of  the recruitment process from  simply structured interviews up to formal assessment, our approach is flexible and appropriate to your vacancy:

  • Pre – recruitment

  • Recruitment plan

  • Discuss and understand company needs, expectations and particular features of the order

  • Discuss and understand job specifics, criteria and timeline

  • Discuss candidate profile

  • Recruitment

  • Perform database and Internet search or timely publicity

  • Notify client on candidate availability

  • Accede to selection

  • Selection

  • Telephone screening

  • Execute interviewes

  • Conduct skills asessments using relevant professional methods accordingly to the needs (including tests and psychometric assessments if required)

  • Provide and check candidate CV, referrals and recommendations

  • Conduct skills assessments

  • Arrange final interviews

  • Offer to client

  • Accede to afterplacement services (employment contract, start date, transportation, and others)

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